UITP IT committe met in Moscow

November 14-16, 2018 Moscow welcomed members of the 11th Combined Meetings of Information Technology and Service Industry (ITSI) and Information technology and Innovation (ITI) Committees. The committees meeting was hosted by MosTransProject Research Institute.

The IT Committee meeting took place in Russia for the first time. This meeting was attended by 29 IT specialists from 13 countries, including Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey.

Maksim Liksutov, Deputy Mayor, Head of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development Department, thanked UITP for choosing Moscow as a place for IT Committee meeting and carried out the inspiration welcome.

Moscow, commented Mr Liksutov, is constantly working on improving mobility. The aim is to establish personal transport mix: PT, car-sharing, personal car etc. One more aim is to find the way to process big data for public transport in a way to answer mobility needs of people – to create convenient route network. The implementation of technological solution into Traffic control already caused decrease of traffic accidents by 60% and increase of traffic speed by 16% thanks analysis of big data, data on traffic.

A new approach to the formation of networks of urban transport routes has become one of the main topics for discussion that was started by Aleksandr Polyakov, CEO MosTransProject Research Institute: «The main task that we put ahead during the meeting was the collection of interesting developments and insiders in the field of IT solutions, including the development of the route network. Namely, IT solutions, Big data and ticket validation allow to collect a data array and develop an optimal route network».

Alexander Polyakov also outlined the work MosTransProekt is carrying out to optimize route network preparing multi-route schedule, reducing operation costs and eliminating the doubling routes.

The participants of the IT - committee  of the UITP traditionally meet twice a year to discuss the issues of digitization, processing a large amount of data, the IoT, ticketing and payment, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity on public transport.

The themes linked with IT would be in the centre of coming Global PT Summit in Stockholm (June 9-12, 2019): namely, Incubator session (start-ups), future for artificial intelligence in public transport ; Cyber security; Data-sharing between public transport operators/authorities  suppliers; Ticketing & Payment; A data-driven sector; Unleashing block chain potential for urban mobility; Towards zero-failure(predictive maintenance).

On November 16, IT Committee visited Moscow Traffic Control Centre and were acquainted with IT technology implementations in Moscow traffic organization.