Trolleybuses with extended run are keeping attention

November 20, 2018 the 29th Trolleybus Committee Meeting took place in Solingen (Germany) with the kind invitation of Stadtwerke Solingen. The meeting brought together 20 participants from Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia and Sweden to discuss Innovations for smart trolleybus grids and revival of trolleybus systems. The meeting was organized in cooperation with Trolley 2.0, Trolleybus systems for Smart cities project.

Greeting the guests, Mr. Conrad TROULLIER, Stadtwerke Solingen GmbH, stressed the importance of trolleybus cooperation to increase knowledge and develop technologies. In the following presentation on Stadtwerke Solingen, Battery-on-Bus (BOB) Project for Solingen to become a Smart city, Mr Troullier gave an overview of Solingen transportation.

Stadtwerke deliver urban services of transportation along with supply of energy, gaz and water to 160-thousand Solingen inhabbitants with over 650 employeers, with over half – engaged with transport.

The discussions on BOB (Battery - Overhead – Bus) started in solingen in 2013, and now 4 trolleybuses from Solaris with batteries are on regular run as well as 50 regular trolleybuses. City has ambitious plans for 2030 to bring the city to complete electromobility but the moving is planned on a step-by-step basis on integrated action concept includes electromobility for all modes of transport (IV, PT, Cycling, professional and leisure traffic) for all City areas. Establishing Smart trolleybus System that should become a future brand for the city of Solingen.

The plans are to combine lines with and without catenary. BOB will travel to the residential districts and link far urban districts with existing overhead contact infrastructure. An optimized line structure creates potential for the construction of new lines. Special attention is given to used batteries that will continue their service as energy storage at stations. Last year a tender opened for 4 vehicles with option for 16 vehicles.

The questions regarding the Financing and Renewal of Rolling Stock were discussed on the examples of Gdynia (Poland) and Arnhem (Netherlands) that are confidently moving further in trolleybus deploying cherishing their transport heritage – existing electric infrastructure. Both cities estimates in-motion chaging schemes as mostly effective as  developing trolleybus networks  bring positive image for the cities.

Although the Polish legislation is still not enought flexible to allow local operator to become internal energy producer for effiective recuperation. Arnhem’s  smart grid concept includes brake energy to return to network, smart grid will also include wi-fi, data transition, car feeding, ticket vending, information signage e t.c.

The meeting continued with “IMC TEST RIDE / SITE VISIT - Demonstration of the capabilities of the battery overhead wire bus (BOB) with In Motion Charging IMC®500 and trolleybus depot visit in Stadtwerke Solingen (SWS).

The meeting continued November 21-22 with TROLLEY:MOTION conference. Trolley:motion was founded in 2004 and is since 2007 a non-profit association, committed internationally for the conservation, the development and expansion of electrical bus systems as well as for the further development of the trolleybus system.


The next UITP Trolleybus Committee meeting will take place in St. Petersburg on the kind invitation of GORELECTROTRANS on May 27, 2019.

All presentations would be soon accessible as downloads in MyLibrary, UITP’s electronic documents center.