Trolleybus renewal: Ukrainian update

Ukrainian automobile Corporation "Bogdan" reports  about the delivery  of three new trolleybuses "Bogdan" to Kremenchug. The vehicles were produced by the Lutsk automobile plant, a part of corporation that is one of the main producers in the automotive market of Ukraine . 
Trolleybuses are equipped with folding seats, Wi-Fi connection, GPS-navigators and video recorders. The new models are designed for up to 112 passengers and are apropriate for the needs of people with disabilities. They have a low floor, platforms for carts, and buttons to signal the driver.
Vehicles are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly compared to the old models. Trolleybuses consume almost 40% less electricity, and also have a reserve for autonomous run for at least 1 km.
"This is an environmentally friendly transport of a new generation, which demonstrates that passenger transportation in Ukraine can be not only comfortable for citizens, but also can have economic advantages for the city, providing the transition to economical electric transport instead of buses on gasoline,  reports the Bogdan Corporation.
The city has acquired new equipment in the framework of the European project on the renovation of municipal transport, which is financed by the European Bank for reconstruction and development.. The purchase of trolleybuses takes place in the framework of the project "Urban public transport in Ukraine", which is financed by the European Bank for reconstruction and development and the European investment Bank  as it was informed before.  As part of this program, seven new Bogdan trolleybuses are already running in Poltava. Just before the end of autumn this year, the Lutsk automobile plant plans to deliver 40 trolleybuses to Kremenchug.
Remark: Corporation "Bogdan" was established in February 2005  by merging of several companies. It is currenyly a producer of buses of small, medium, large and super large classes and trolleys of various modifications. Production capacity of the plant on the beginning of 2014 accounted for 2200 units. Company planned to increase capacity up to 6,000 buses and trolleys per year in 2020.