Trolleybus focus on St.Petersburg

The 30th meeting of UITP Trolleybus Committee was held in St. Petersburg May 22-25 on the invitation of Gorelektrotrans  -  electric transport operator of St. Petersburg. Gorelektrotrans  is a part of UITP since 2017. It's general director - Mr.Vasily OSTRYAKOV is heading Trolleybus Committee for the last two years.

Leading experts of the trolleybus community meet twice a year to discuss the actual questions of electric transport development. This time the theme of the meeting was defined as development and implementation of trolleybuses with in-motion charging and e buses. The guests were greeted by Valery MOLODETS, Deputy Chairman of St. Petersburg Committee on transport, who stressed the importance of holding of such meeting of high-level experts on electric transport industry in St. Petersburg. 

The world’s trolleybus system counts to 277 urban trolleybus system, including 50 that use new battery solutions. Trolley network turned in a backbone for zero-emission mobility systems, according to Wolfgang BACKHOUSE, chairperson of Trolley Motion - an international action group, promoting modern eBus systems with zero emission. Existing electric infrustructure is no more a burden but an opportunity to built a sustainable public transport system. It is expected that from 2024 in-motion-charging vehicles will be on regular operation in many cities, as well as high capacity trolleybus systems (BRT & double articulated). The development of electric transport is supported by  new technologies bringing intellectual management to vehicle maintenance, to smart grid and  automated wiring e t.c. Mr Backhaus is sure that "Thanks to modern innovations, including larger stand-alone course, the trolley in the world gets reborn..  And, of course, the experience of St. Petersburg deserves attention."

St. Petersburg Trolleybus Park has now 695 trolleybuses, 513 units per day work on the lines. That includes 125 electric buses with dynamic charging are now working on 6 lines, what, taking into account the newly connected "network-free" areas, allow to carry 600 thousand passengers per month additionally. Thanks to this innovative transport, the city center was cleared from wires, the operator is given flexibility to carry out the repair work without cancelling the route and the routes are extended to far regions without infrastructure.

The recent develpmets from the cities of Belgrade, Seged, Klagenfurt , Plzen were presneted as well as the recent innovations from ŠKODA, IVECO, ELCUS 

Trolleybus Committee members had a chance to get acquainted with St. Petersburg transport themselves. Technical visit was paid to the production facilities of co-hoster of the meeting - the company "Transport Systems", where manufacturing process, as well as with new company developments in the field of electric mobility, were presented.

A technical visit was also paid to the Trolleybus depot of St. Petersburg state unitary enterprise "GORELEKTROTRANS". There Committee members visited various workshops and got acquainted with the maintenance process organization.

Members of the Committee also visited the international transport festival "SPbTransport Fest" and took part in the parade of retro transport vehicles.