Transport for FIFA-2018: all around Russia

400 thousand tickets were issued for fans' 734 free specal "champinship" trains between June 12 and July 16. More than 15.8 million fans used air transport. Around 46% of "train" football fans were foreigners  leading by Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, USA and China
Cities urban transport carried out 9.5 million trips for fans on special free transport in 11 host cities, on metro, buses, trollleybuses, special shuttles, trams, commuter trains, Aeroexpress trains. The Moscow Metro (including the MCC) was the most popular mode of transport among fans, reported Kirill Polyakov, Director General of the Transport Directorate of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.
For the transport service of the championship, the Directorate developed various information resources. The main resource for free transport provision was the official website (, through which more than 90% of all tickets were issued. To help the fans,  "Fan Transport Guide" (a website and a mobile application)  was developed . During the month of the championship, the app was downloaded by more than 50 thousand users, 53% of which were smartphone users with iOS and 47% - with Android operating system.
For 9 months of work,  the hot line "Transport Directorate-2018" processed more than 136 thousand calls and 45 thousand requests received by e-mail. Also, about 65 thousand outgoing calls were made to confirm the booking of tickets by passengers.  The peak month for the number of accepted applications was June, since the start of free trains's operation, over 40 thousand calls and 12 thousand letters were processed.
One of the main support for providing transport service were employees who worked at 21 railway stations. On average, each station employed 40-80 people who worked in shifts, around the clock. The most popular by the number of applications was the Kazan railway station, where over 10 thousand requestes were processed. For all the time of the employees of the "Transport Directorate-2018" at 21 stations received 55 thousand applications. Thanks to the prompt and coordinated work of all information resources of the "Transport Directorate-2018", about 18 thousand passengers from the waiting list were able to get tickets for free trains in advance, and over 17 thousand tickets were issued at the stations, just before the departure of the train.
In addition to provide free travel, the "Transport Directorate-2018" was working with official bus carriers. To ensure additional security measures during  Championship only buses equipped with satellite navigation equipment were used to enter host cities. The bus owners had to send notifications about the planned trips indicating the place, time and route of the bus through a special information resource of Transport Directorate
The total number of submitted notifications on bus entry exceeded 330 thousand Special information resource "Transport Directorate-2018" was running more than 16.3 thousand buses, of which 1381 – foreign.  1315 buses were using on-Board device "Plato" to keep tracking.