Transport education program start in Moscow

The National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE), with the support of the Moscow Transport Complex, is launching a master's programme in Transport planning at the Faculty of Urban and Regional Development. The program will be supported by practical experience of Scientific-Research and Design Institute Of Moscow Urban Transport "Mostransproekt".
The master's program is aimed at deep studies of principles of transport planning, it has to form competencies in public transport and road network development, pedestrian and Bicycle infrastructure planning, transport demand management, evaluation of transport projects, organization of cargo transportation in cities. A special attention would be paid to the citywide context of urban transport systems functioning.
The program includes a lecture by Alexander Polyakov, Director of Mostransproekt, as well as lectures and master classes by fellows of the Institute. 
Students will be able to choose Institute for practical training and will be able to obtain data for the preparation of educational materials and research.
"Specialists in modern transport planning are in great demand in Moscow and in the world today. Cities are growing rapidly, including the development of the transport networks, as citizens need to provide not just public transport, but  a modern comfortable service of transport mobility.  For 70 years of experience, our Institute elaborated unique competencies in planning and designing tram infrastructure, route network development, design of transport hubs, public transport stops, experience in implementing complex projects, such as the transportation management plan for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The HSE programme will provide an introduction to the best national and international practices in the organisation of public and private transport, which will be adapted for use in Moscow and other Russian cities. In fact, it will be a revolution in the field of transport education in Russia", - commented Alexander Polyakov, CEO of "Mostransproekt".
Both the National Research University Higher School of Economics and Scientific-Research and Design Institute Of Moscow Urban Transport "Mostransproekt" are members of Eurasian section of UITP.
SOURCE: Moscow Transport - Mostransproekt