Train modernization in Yekatreinburg Metro

Yekaterinburg Metro started the modernization of rolling stock with 2 trains (8 cars) . The works were  carried out in Krasnoyarsk at JSC "Krasnoyarsk electric railway car repair plant» and in St. Petersburg at JSC "Oktyabrsky electric railway car repair plant".
Externally, the cars look like before modernization, but if one look inside, a lot of changes could be noticed. The renewed cars include vandal-proof seats, glass-plastic panels on walls and ceiling, light line with led lamps. Newly installed automatic fire detection and extinguishing system, improved ventilation system are a significant addition to the cars as well.
The cars were equipped with places for wheelchair users. The installation of advanced video surveillance systems was done in the salons and driver's cabin.
The extension of service life was supported by replacement of pneumatic and brake equipment, suspension beams of motor-compressor e t.c.
The examination showed that the modernized cars could serve another 15 years with following  utilization. Until mid-2020, a similar modernization will be done for 11 trains (the ones that the city bought 30 years ago while metro was under construction).
It is more profitable for the city to upgrade old trains than to buy new ones. The fact is that one new train costs about 280 million rubles. Modernization of the vehicles does not exceed 40% of this amount. 
The program of modernazation is supported by the city administraion which is negotiating a special investment program with Sverdlovsk regional Ministry of Transport. The idea is in implemnting of the tariff allowance, which would be targeted at the renewal of the trains. This allowance will not be spent on operating costs. It will appear in the tariff, but without significant tariff rise.