Sankt-Petersburg: getting ready for metro expansion

At the very beginning of a new year Government of St.Peterburg confirmed start of territory planning for "Nevsko-Vasileostrovskaya metro line that have to connect station "Begovaya" and station "Planernaya".  
Kommersant of St.Peterburg reports that acccording to the concept of city transport development until 2048, metro development require around 15 billuon euro. During the next 30 years  metro will have 49 new metro stations and 8 depots  informs "Research Institute of Motor Transport"  (NIIAT).  According to the information published  on SPB Metro site  5 new stations would be open in 2018, 2 new sttaions  - in 2019. 
During January 2018 metro is getting 12 modern trains with asynchronous traction drive (ATP). During February, 20 more  trains are expected to come from "Oktyabrsky electric railway car repair plant" (JSC "OEVRZ») . Among with ATP that help to save 30 % of  the energy, the trains will have improved insulation, smooth running and installed digital information system and CCTV.