Opera - in metro, metro - for opera

On World Opera Day, October 25, the auspices of one of the new stations “Delovoi Centr” was marked by the premiere of musical works created by Andrzej Marko, famous Polish composer . The world's first “Oratorio -  Mass” was created by the request of Silesian miners, builders and employees of the Warsaw Metro. The second work, the cantata “Confession of Love”, was performed in twenty-five languages.
Boris Tarakanov, choirmaster of Academic Choir of Moscow metro,  performed as co-author of the project "Opera in Metro", he also leaded as music director and choirmaster of the concert. 
That was the third concert in the framework of the famous project "Opera in Metro" and, as usual the world-famous singers were invited to sing. The underground hall of the station was turned into an opera space. "With the help of an acoustic station and a creative atmosphere, viewers can fully immerse themselves in musical works. Unconditionally, this is one of the landmark events that many metro fans expect, ” opened the concert Pavel KOVALYOV, deputy head of Moscow Metro.
The performance was a great success, you can enjoy Oratorio-Messa on youtube, as well as Love Cantata
Moscow Metro is known for its art and music projects, both larg-scale (like Opera in Metro or Ballet in Metro) and local ones, when suitable  undersgroud place are becoming the concert points - Music in Metro