New Year Tree for Moscow Metro Passengers

Moscow Metro started the season of New Year celebrations by installing the most unusual New Year tree In the lobby of the station “Turgenevskaya”. The "tree"  is made of  used transport tickets "EDINY" (united single ticket). The height of the tree is 3.5 meters. More than 230 thousand paper travel cards were collected to create it. This is the number of paper tickets that is sold daily at the metro ticket offices and that passengers throw out every day after use.


The installation in the form of a Christmas tree with the used cards was created in conjunction with the loyalty program of the card "Troika". The key to the loyalty program is the card "Troika", which the one can now use not only to pay for travel, but also for other purposes. 


"We collected all the tickets that passengers threw out in one day in metro and made a festive New Year (Christmas) tree out of them. By weight, it is comparable to 16 three-meter live fir trees. The main idea of the campaign is to encourage passengers not to buy paper tickets every time, but to use the "TROIKA" card and take care of the environment.  If passengers like our paper tree, then next year we will install the same tree of used tickets collected in one day, but we expect that thanks to the loyalty program the tree will be 1 meter lower", - said Yulia Temnikova, Deputy Metro Head for the development of customer services and work with passengers .

Loyalty program "City" also launched the contest "New Year rees under the protection of Troika" in social networks . To participate you need to register (if not already registered) in the loyalty program, take a selfie on the background of the New Year tree from the tickets "EDINY" and put a hashtag under the photo #ёлкиподзащитойтройки  (New year trees under protection of troikas). The winners will receive a nominal "Troika" with a unique design and bonuses to the account.  In addition, for everyone on December 22, 2018, there will be two free master classes, where people will learn to make Christmas toys, which can be taken as souvenir.s 
Loyalty program "City"for the owners of the card" Troika " started June 25, 2018. With its help, participants can enjoy bonuses and discounts from shops, pharmacies, restaurants, dry cleaners, private clinics, beauty salons, cinemas and other partners of the program, as well as make free trips in public transport. With replenishing "wallet" for the amount of 250 rubles, participants get 3% cashback of the amount.
Before the New year holidays Moscow metro and Russian Post Service launched a service for sending greeting cards and letters to Ded Moroz, Father Frost, Russian Santa Claus. Holiday mail will work on 18 metro stations.  To please a loved one,  you can just come communication desks at the Moscow Metro and Moscow Central Circle stations. Here passengers can get a card with a new year design. On the message it is necessary to specify the address and the recipient's index and put the card in a special mailbox located near the counter.   The service operates on the territory of Moscow.  
Young passengers can send a letter to Ded Moroz residence in Velikiy Ustyug directly from the metro stations.
By the way "TROIKA" is one of the Russian symbols of New Year,as it is used by  Ded Moroz  for fast and safe transportation...