New trams in Saint-Petersburg

At the very end of the last year two new items - trams "Vityaz-M" and "Bogatyr" - appeared in Saint-Ptersburg on the very popular tram route №100. This line connects two metro stations, passes several social facilities and is very demanded by the citizens. As example, during 11 months of 2017 tram number 100 carried almost 15 million passengers.

The new trams "Vityaz-M" and "Hercules" are produced by "PC Transport system". They joined on rails the other trams of  increased capacity "Vityaz" and UKVZ, that  had started running beforet.
New "Vityaz-M" shows the  implementatioin of the most modern technology of assembing the modular driver's cabine and rear platform of the car. The tram has three sections . Tram "Bogatyr" is a two-section tram , it was presented at the International forum of passenger transport SmartTRANSPORT (Saint Petersburg, October 2017). Among the advantage of a new car is wide space for passage inside that makes a ride comfortable for all passengers, including parents with children and people with disabilities.
Another important advantage is low floor. Developed by Russian specialists patented truck allows to make the interior of the tram morespacious and also provides convenience while boarding-disembarking that helps to reduce time at stops, and thus increase the average operating speed.
Now, the intervals became less than 3 minutes what is similar to metro. Vasily OSTRYAKOV, General Director of "Gorelectrotrans" states this among the priorities:"One of the strategic directions of our work is  the speed increase along with  the tram movement priority  provision. Therefore, we pay special attention to the reconstruction of isolated tracks, the length of which exceeded 200 km. Speed is among of the main things to attract passengers, it is  provided by the organization of movement on separate tracks. For passengers it is important to select the tram, so they could save time and avoid traffic jams.". :
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