New extention of Moscow Metro

On August 30, Moscow Metro started operation on the Solntsevo metro line: from the station “Ramenki” to the station "Rasskazovka". 

Solntsevo metro line (it is yellow as a sun on the metro maps), now includes 15 stations from “Petrovsky Park” to “Rasskazovka”. Seven new stations with 15,3 km tracks are added to the metro system.


The works were carried out in very difficult conditions: the tunnels were built under the Moscow river in the soils uneasy for construction. Near 70 km of tunnels (including 10 km of technical ones) were digged. 

New electric depot "Solntsevo" was also constructed  to provide maintenance, repair and night sucks for trains.

With the opening of 7 new stations, the route network of land transport in the areas of  city West and New Moscow has changed. For the details of changers, you can refer to "Mosgortrans" site.

It was estimated that about 700 thousand Muscovites living in the areas of Solntsevo, Novo-Peredelkino, as well as in Rasskazovka, Moskovsky, along Michurinsky Prospekt and in other surrounding areas, will be able to save at least an hour on their trips every day.

Solntsevo radius will reduce the load on the South-Western section of the Sokolniki metro line and on transport hubs of the area. It was expected that drivers would prefer to change to the metro so roads would become less occupied.


The first days of operation gave the following figures: 

The passenger traffic was redistributed at a number of stations of the Moscow Metro during peak hours. During the hours of maximum load the passangerflow was 29% less at the station "Kievskaya"  (Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line) , 24% less at " Rumyantsevo "," 22% less - at "Yugo-Zapadnaya", 17% less - at "Salarievo", 12% less - at the stations" Troparevo", " Kievskaya and on Ring line as well. Event metro central stations are showing the decrease: the load on the "Park Kultury" decreased by 9%, and on the station "Biblioteka Lenina" - by 7.5%.

The most popular new station was "Novoperedelkino". On a weekday, almost 16.5 thousand passengers passed through it, on the weekend - about 12.5 thousand people.  In total, passenger traffic of the Solntsevo line on the first weekday full day – August 31 – approached 200 thousand passengers.


It took less than 7 years to come from the decision to the operation. The decision on the construction of the Solntsevo metro radius with a length of 31 km and a depot "Solntsevo" was taken in 2011. Initially, it was planned to have the line until station "Solntsevo". However, in 2013,it was decided to extend the metro line to Rasskazovka, and later — to Vnukovo, providing convenient high-speed transport not only to area residents, but also passengers of the International Airport "Vnukovo". In addition, it was decided to combine Solntsevo radius of the metro Big Circle Line, letting the train to "Petrovsky Park" and more.

Solntsevo line was built in stages. The first part, "Business center" — "Park Pobedy", was opened to passengers early 2014. Its length is 3.4 kilometers. Park Pobedy is the deepest station of Moscow Metro, its depth is 84 meters, and the length of the escalators is 126 meters. This section of the metro line runs under the Moscow river. The second part with three stations - from " Park Pobedy" to " Ramenki " — was opened for passengers in March 2017. Its length is 7.3 kilometers. The current part is the third one , it will be followed by the fourth - 5 km section from station" Rasskazovka" to the station"Vnukovo". It is planned to build before 2023.


For today Moscow Metro:

  • has 14 lines (including the Moscow Central Circle (MCC)) and Moscow monorail transport system,
  • total length is 440 km (381 km – metro, 54 km., 5 km Monorail system)
  • it has 259 stations (222 metro stations 31 MCC  stations and 6 monorail stations )
  • over 11 thousand trains are moving daily around 9 mln.passangers.