Moscow metro grew with new 8 stations opened in June

In June Moscow Metro became bigger with the opening of eight stations and 1 line. Since June 3 With the length of nearly 7 km, the Nekrasovskaya Line comprises of 4 stations: Kosino, Ulitsa Dmitrievskogo, Lukhmanovskaya and Nekrasovka. The new line has to decrease the passenger load on the Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya Line (Line 7) and traffic load on the South-East area road infrastructure.

On June 20, with the opening of Filatov Lug, Prokshino, Olkhovaya and Kommunarka, the Sokolnicheskaya Line (Line 1) – first line built – was extended to the southwest area, connecting Novomoskovsky Administrative District and significantly improving the urban mobility. This section of the Sokolnicheskaya Line (Line 1) is the first one in Moscow, built along the highway. At the crossing site, a tunnel has both motorway and rail tracks with the length of 2 km.

With new entrance gates, the Nekrasovskaya Line has decreased by 25%.the passenger flow on Vykhino, known as the busiest Moscow station

It’s worth mentioning that Moscow Metro continues the tradition to build its station resembling underground palaces. The new stations have unique design and original decoration.

Passengers living in Kosino district, are very proud of the main local attractions – three lakes: White, Black and Saint Lakes. The architectures decision was to adorn the station’s ceiling with polished triangles that remind of the water surface of the Lakes.

Nekrasovka station is adorned with pearl and white ceramic faced pillars, while the lights built in the walls and ceiling, imitate the night sky. The floor is decorated with geometrical patterns.

Surface station Filatov Lug is constructed with the application of natural and artificial stone, composition, glass and colored metal. Showcases with live plants were installed on the station’s platform for the first time.

Subsurface station Kommunarka has an island platform and one underground hall. The main station decoration are gridded lamps in the middle of the ceiling. Kommunarka is now a terminus station of Sokolnicheskaya, the first line of Moscow Metro.

As for July 2019 Moscow Metro has 15 lines, including Moscow Central Circle (MCC) and Moscow Monorail line, 269 stations made with 232 metro stations, 31 MCC stations and 6 monorail stations. Twelve thousand trains are passing through the above mentioned system carrying 8,5 million passengers.