Moscow Metro Application expanding in services and users

Mobile application «Moscow Metro  reports about  1 million downloads of  since its launch in January 2017. The service helps passengers to plan routes by taking into account the operation schedules of all Moscow public transport as well as suburban trains. It calculates travel time giving the cost of the trip. App users get the first hand info on newly opened stations and scheduled repairs.

“It is noted that the number of users is growing due to the introduction of new editions. The «Moscow Metro» app is constantly being updated. For example, in October 2017 we added the option to save all types of travel tickets to the "Troika" card", -  reports  Maksim LIKSUTOV,  Deputy Mayor of Moscow in the Moscow Government and Head of the Department of Moscow Transport and Road Infrastructure Development . TROIKA card  is a contactless reusable card designed to pay for public transport in Moscow. The  ticket saving service is also available to owners of Android-based phones with NFC technology that supports operation with the Troika card. To pay for journey one can simply touch validator with their mobile phone, and the ticket purchase will be done through the NFC connection.

Mr. Liksutov also noted, that the one millionth user to download "Moscow Metro" app would be noted and wil be presented with a ceramic ring "Troika" that works as a payment instrument.

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