Moscow developing comprehensive infrastructure for electric vehicles

Moscow Government and ROSSETI JSC have come to a cooperation agreement regarding electric vehicles and the development of charging facilities in Moscow. This new agreement develops on the previous deal to install 150 charging stations for electric vehicles within paid parking zones.

The cooperation with energy companies would make it possible to elaborate high quality modern infrastructure for electric car owners in Russia’s capital. The car owners will also have access to a convenient network of charging stations as well as preferences for the use of transport infrastructure and parking allocations.

A working group was created in accordance with the agreement. Focus is now directed to the elaboration of a legal framework for the electric car market and on the positioning of charging stations in the metropolitan area. New charging stations would be located in strategic areas taking into account development projects for transport and city construction policies. Parking spaces would be allotted taking into account the demands of the electric car owners. It is necessary to mention that owners of electric cars have a right to use paid parking spaces for free.

MOESK JSC - a subsidiary of ROSSETI JSC – is in charge of installing the charging stations network for electric cars in Moscow and the Moscow region. It hopes to solve problems linked to the charging infrastructure, the electricity networks and capacity to run the whole structure as stipulated in the agreement.

During the coming years we have to create a mature infrastructure for the use of sustainable transport,” said Deputy Moscow Mayor, head of Department on Transport and Road transport infrastructure development, Maksim Liksutov. “The owners of electric cars have to be informed of the different services at hand: a broad network of charging stations, priority and free parking spaces, etc. This should stimulate a lot of Muscovites to choose electric cars as their preferred mode of transport. This will help us enter a new stage of transport development in Moscow. This stage is crucial for the development of a modern, convenient and refined transport infrastructure in Moscow”.