Mobile network operators working on better connectivity for new urban rail connections

The mobile phone operators were asked to improve the quality of their services along the new urban rail lines of Moscow Central Diameters (MCD) routes (MCD-1 “Odintsovo-Lobnya” and MCD-2 “Nakhabino-Podolsk”). This will improve the comfort of passenger transportation at the lines that are expected to be launched by late 2019 – early 2020.

The high quality and reliable connection at these Diameters is also required for modern multimodal services operation, which will work at all trains and MCD platforms. The information screens and trains displays, will provide the basic information about the route and will broadcast weather forecasts, as well as the information concerning the work of public transport in general.

This work is a part of Moscow Transport Department activity on improving the mobile connection quality before launching the Moscow Central Circle (MCC).  Similar work is always being done before the opening of new Moscow metro stations.

«MCD, in fact, will become the new surface metro system. This convenient mode of public transit will provide same services, which are already used at the MCC. The passengers should have opportunity to work, communicate with friends and listen to music while travelling, for these reasons MCD trains will be equipped with free Wi-Fi hotspots and the quality of mobile network connection will be always high», - promised Andrey Akimov, Rail Transport Division Chief of Transport Department of Moscow.

To improve the signal, operators will optimize and extend the network capacity as well as install new basic stations and upgrade the current ones.

The Moscow Central Diameters project includes the launching of five surface rail lines.

The other lines – “Zelenograd-Ramenskoye”, “Aprelevka-Zheleznodorozhny”, “Pushkino-Domodedovo” are planned for later launching. The MCD train operation will be scheduled the same way as the metro’s ones: from 5:30 a.m. till 1 p.m. The train interval will be 5-6 minutes during peak hours, and convenient ticket system will be developed in order to provide the best integration into the city transport infrastructure. Passengers will be able to pay for a journey with the “Troika” card.

According to experts estimations, the MCD Project will decrease the pressure of the whole transport infrastructure by 10-12%.

SOURCE: Moscow Metro