Metro dogs for Moscow metro passengers

Guide dogs accompanying  the visually impaired passengers are to become Metro dogs for all-inclusive mobility purposes.
Starting February 27, the weekly training of guide dogs will start on the territory of the Moscow Metro. In the classroom, the dogs will adapt to the unusual noises and learn to travel safely in the subway.
Labrador and Shepherd  are among 50 lucky dogs that would be prepared  to become Metro Dogs. Last year 50 dogs were also trained in the metro to accompany blind and visually impaired.
During classes, dogs learn safe navigation in the subway: how pass through the front doors and turnstiles, how to descend and climb the elevator and escalator,how to move along the platform, how to enter and exit the train cars. All these skills will allow guide dogs to accompany their owners underground.
Animal training is a joint project of the Russian school of dog training and the Moscow Metro. Metro provides all the necessary infrastructure for training dogs. This project was launched five years ago, during the time more than 150 guide dogs were trained on the metro infrastructure sites