improving the safety of Moscow streets for pedestrians

Until the end of this year, the Traffic Management Center of the Moscow Government will equip three more unregulated pedestrian crossings with additional lighting. Illumination of the unregulated "zebra" crossing will appear at three locations of the city. 

Additional lights will be installed above the intersection for pedestrians’ safety in dark times. This is especially important in the autumn-winter period, when the light day is significantly reduced. In addition, road signs will be highlighted. Now, drivers from afar can notice a pedestrian crossing  the street. That will give a driver time to brake in advance to let pedestrians pass.  
The tests with additional lighting on unregulated pedestrian crossings were launched last year. the experiment got the most positive feedbacks. Previously, additional lighting was installed at 4 unregulated pedestrian crossings.

Also, until the end of this year, the Traffic Management Center will equip nine more pedestrian crossings with traffic lights with additional lighting. The led strip will appear at the top on the supports columns and will synchronously duplicate the three-color traffic light signal. Road signs "Pedestrian crossing" will be equipped with internal lighting. Also, the pedestrian him/herself and the crossing area will be also seen from afar as the lamp will illuminate the whole area.

In total, additional lighting has already been installed on 76 traffic lights in Moscow. All these pedestrian crossings were chosen taking into account the accident rates.