improving information for better bus services in Almaty

Almaty is improving passenger information system. The start was made with BRT lroutes. With installation of new electronic boards  actual transport information will be displayed in real time, so passenger could always find out route numbers and their  time of arrival. Through this digital innovation, citizens will be given the opportunity to contact the Transport Holding operator with  means of special communication module. The project is realized through extra-budgetary funds.

Currently in Almaty one can see the movement of public transport online in real mode through the application "Onay". In addition, since August 2018, users of this application have the opportunity to pay for travel through a QR code. “Onay” is used as unified payment system for the city

This year Almaty private carriers had purchased new buses. Thus, the carrier Madina LLP purchased 12 low-floor Yutong buses; carrier Kiikbay LLP is renewing rolling stock with 20 units of low-floor ISUZU buses. City administration put a priority task to update the city bus fleet and over 3 years more than 1,100 vehicles were purchased.

Bauyrzhan Baybek , Akim of Almaty, has put a task to ensure the high quality of service for citizens: “Grants will receive only the carriers that provide quality services and update the fleet. Subsidy agreements provide quality control instruments for violations on which penalties are provided. Only in 9 months, carriers did not receive nearly 330 millions tenge of subsidies for not observing the regularity of exit”.

Earlier this month, the drivers of public transport in Almaty received the first sets of a new uniform. At the moment, 400 drivers had been given new winter version. The uniform consists of trousers, a long-sleeved shirt, a sweatshirt or a pullover, and a warm jacket.

SOURCE: Almaty Official