heavy snow is only a reason to use public transport more

The operation of the electric transport during winter time seems to be a challange itself, but the work during snowfalls is only a part of winter operation technology for rail electric transport of St.Petersburg.
About 2 thousand km of a single tram track were cleared from snow in the period of 1 to 9 January. In general, January snowfalls did not affect the stability of St. Petersburg electric transport. Gorelektrotrans worked out a clear algorithm of actions in a snowy winter to ensure safe and comfortable travel. Special equipment is involved in the clearing of tram tracks, tram drivers were trained to special passing of turnouts. 
On isolated tram tracks one can see snow-removal wagons, tcalled "snow -blower". According to the regulations, they work in between linear motion during the night Just 13 of such cars , each with assigned route are preparing rails for day operations.
Special attention during the snowfall is paid to the maintenance of working condition of the tram turnouts. Since the beginning of January, more than 12 thousand switches have been cleared of snow.
In total,  350 trips of snow-removing cars, harvesting tractors, loaders, excavators and other special machines were carried out  by  "puting on rails"  for the stable operation of electric transport in snow conditions.