FIFA World Cup Transport make it easy

Moscow is the central transportation hub of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, through which the tournament guests will transfer to other FIFA cities. 12 matches will be held at two Moscow stadiums, Luzhniki and Spartak. FIFA guests, volunteers, and fans will be able to use the urban transport free of charge to get to the games.  Free entry will be open for all Moscow transport including Moscow Metro, ground transportation (buses, trams, trolleybuses), as well as suburban trains and “Aeroexpress” trains.

The navigation in Moscow transport system is made as easy  as possible for foreign visitors. Special information desks are installed in the metro and the Moscow Central Circle, additional transit information will be posted at train stations, airports, metro stations, and public transport stops. Moreover, the Moscow Metro mobile Application  helps to plan routes around the city with all kinds of transport, it is available in six major languages. The Moscow Transport information website is avalable in Russian and in English that will help visitors to understand the way the city's transport system operates and how to use it.

Moscow transport system employees, for instance, metro ticket cashiers, have completed English language courses, and are ready to communicate with foreign tourists. All passenger announcements in metro and at train stations are translated into English.

A special shuttle bus service will operate for the World Cup visitors. It will connect the most important  FIFA locations, such as stadiums, train stations, and the Fan Fest. Land transportation routes that lead to the stadiums will be completed with additional vehicles. Authorized taxis will be operating in the city and will be allowed to use detached bus lanes.

During FIFA Moscow and St. Petersburg's hotels will sell combined transport cards "Troika/Podorozhnik" ("Troika" - is a transport card of Moscow and "Podorozhnik"  - is a transport card of St. Petersburg). The united transport cards would be valid for all public transport of the two largest Russian cities. This ticket will be convenient for fans visiting the 2018 World Cup matches in Moscow and St. Petersburg.