Extended run extends its presence in Chebokrsary

Three new electric buses (trolleybuses) with dynamic charging were delivered to Cheboksary, city with 500 thousand population on Volga River. in the centre of Russia.  The trolleybuses were assembled by TROLZA Company.


This is the first part of vehicles to start the renewal of public transport fleet of Cheboksary. The portion has to arrive in Chuvashia in February. 


Electric buses are planned to be used on the newly created environmentally friendly route. It assumes moving in the mode of electric buses on energy of batteries. Currently, drivers, electricians and mechanics of trolleybus are trained to handle new equipment.


The buses, delivered to Cheboksary, are equipped with lithium battery good for15 km in city mode. The vehicle has video cameras and charger of gadgets. The trolleys fully meet the needs of people with disabilities (special seats, buttons for communication with the driver, outdoor speakers). In addition, the memory of the electric bus records information about the operations during the last 10 days. This allows analysing the status of the electric bus operations for condition maintenance. 


The electric bus with dynamic charging are produced at JSC "Trolza" since 2014. For the period, there was assembled about 300 such machines. Due to the energy of lithium batteries, they are able to move through the streets of the city in the mode of an electric bus. Electric buses were delivered to St. Petersburg, Tula, Nalchik, Khimki, to Argentina.