Entering 2019 with payment innovations

The Moscow Metro has issued the Troika transport smart cards in the form of stickers and inserts. They can be purchased at the souvenir shops and passenger communication desks at several stations of the Moscow Metro, reports Moscow transport site.

The size of the new media is approximately two times smaller than the usual payment card. The sticker with the ticket function can be attached to a smartphone. To do so, one needs to peel off the transparent sticker on the back side of the new Troika and attach it to the phone case. An insert can be simply put in the case of the gadget.

“Now in the Moscow Metro one can buy a Troika card in the form of a sticker or an insert. Passengers who are constantly using smartphones can simply put their mobile device to the turnstile without getting a card. So they will be able to pass through the turnstiles faster and more conveniently”, - comments Maksim Liksutov, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for transport.

The new Troika is released in 500 copies – 250 stickers and 250 inserts.

Like regular Troika cards, stickers and insersts allow paying for travelling by the Moscow Metro, the Moscow Central Circle and by public ground transport. To replenish the new card passengers can use any ticket office of the Moscow Metro and the Moscow Metro mobile app.

One more innovation is about the Application "Moscow Metro" for Android that started to support the function of Samsung Pay. This function is making easy the repleninshing of card "Troika" and students social cards. With this function there is no need to enter a verification code, as it happens when paying by credit card. 

In connection with the software update,  all Android smartphones users will need also to update the application, otherwise they will not be able to use this function.
"Troika"can also be replenished from smartphones based on iOS using Apple Pay. Only in December, almost 97% of users used "Troika" through Apple Pay. 
Mobile application "Moscow Metro" was launched in 2017. It has been downloaded by more than 1.7 million passengers. Users of application are the first to know about the new stations and planned repairs through push notifications. In addition, the application has become compatible with the smart watch Android Wear and supports voice assistant Siri. Also, the application helps to build a route based on public transport and commuter trains' schedule:  the service will tell the route to a specific point and estimate the travel time,  trip cost. In addition, the Application guide to exits from the stations and the streets.
Several applications are in use for public transport travellers in Moscow: Yandex-Transport, Mosgorpass and others.