Dnipro transport developments: trolleys go ahead

The Communal Enterprise “Dniprovkiy Electrotransport”, a municipal public transport operator, wholly owned by the City of Dnipro (Ukraine), and Dnipro City management have applied for loan financing from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to finance the renewal of Company’s trolleybuses fleet and modernisation of selected infrastructure. The project was adopted with a total estimated cost of EUR 10 million equivalent will require the procurement of the goods, works and services using the proceeds of the loan:

  • 50 low-floor 12m trolleybuses (including diagnostic equipment, tools, spare parts and associated services)
  • Trolleybus maintenance and repair equipment

Tendering for the above contracts is expected to begin in the second quater of 2018, reports EBRD site.

The city of Dnipro is showing for  investing in public tranbsport development. March 19 is scheduled for  tender auctione for the creation of Dnipro unified control centre for public transport . The competition is conducted by "Dniprovkiy Electrotransport" . The program plans to spend up to 1 890 000 UAH according to the technical specification

Earlier in 2017 Dnipro opened a new trolleybus route and started the new vehicles purchase. Opening of one more trolleybus route is planned for September, 2018.