Electric buses - to NURSULTAN

Low-floor 12-meter electric buses have to be delivered to Nur-Sultan before the end of 2019.
100 low-floor Yutong electric buses will be purchased  for Kazakhstan capital. Buses would be supplied by SARYARKAVTOPROM LLP. Compnay BRK-Leasing JSC was detremined the winner of public procurement.
BRK-Leasing JSC  is a national Kazakhstan  leasing operator. The procurenments are part of the State Program to upgrade the bus fleet with domestic producrs. The leasing term is 7 years with a interest rate of 7% per annum. "This is the lowest rate for leasing transactions in Kazakhstan. What is noteworthy, leasing financing will be made in tenge, which guarantees stability in modern realities, ” commented Bekmurza Igenberdinov, CEO ASTANA LRT, Nur-Sultan public transport operator, is reported on the official website of the city of Nur Sultan
The cost of one bus is  146.7 million tenge (around 340  thousand euro), they will be purchased on lease for a period of seven years. Under the contract, the contractor will have to deliver buses for Astana LRT within six months.
The total cost of government procurement amounted to 17.94 billion tenge, of which 3.27 billion tenge is the amount of remuneration for the supplier.
The environmentally friendly buses are maneuverable, comfortable for passengers, meet all standards of quality and safety. Buses are 12-meter, have low-floor and are equipped with a lithium-iron-polymer battery with a range of 350 km. Battery life is 10 years. The warranty on the battery is - 8 years, on the electric motor - 5 years. The efficiency of internal combustion engines running on gasoline, diesel fuel or gas is about 22-42%. Such indicators are significantly lower than the efficiency of electric motors, which is up to 90-95%.
Public Transport of Nur-Sultan: Over 3 thousand people work in PT, including 1,700 drivers. Every day, 900 buses are on lines. Over the past 5 years, more than 700 buses have been purchased.